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At Nomada coffee is more than a caffeinated beverage, it’s a small ritual that creates joyful moments. All coffee beans and tea leaves are roasted and ethically sourced from local purveyors, who curate products directly from farmers and cooperatives. That’s why you won’t find any syrups or artificial flavorings here. Only all-natural ingredients that honor the intentionally cultivated products are used, providing an authentic coffee/tea experience.

Nomada periodically rotates its coffee bean menu for its hot and iced espresso drinks, pour-overs, cold brew, and espresso soda, which are all hand-selected by the owners. The shop offers wholesale coffee beans with a wide variety of roasts available that are a perfect accompaniment to our coffee bites

For those seeking other premium beverages, Nomada has an exceptional tea selection, including Japanese matcha tea, Thai tea, iced tea, loose leaf tea blends, freshly made Jamaica, and rotating agua frescas.

One of the few coffee shops with outdoor seating in the Green Gables neighborhood in Central Phoenix, if you want an authentic, local coffee shop with a patio. Look no further than Nomada for your daily espresso, gourmet meal prep ingredients, or grab a salad and go to make life simple while on the daily grind.

Wed - Sat: 9am - 3pm

3410 N 24th St
Phoenix, AZ 85006

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