Cheese & Charcuterie

Husband and wife, Chef Gian Franco, and Valentina Huerta, opened Nomada with a mission to bring their community the same hand-crafted, artisan cheeses they experienced while honing in their culinary skills in France and across the globe. Holding a deep reverence for the dedication and craftsmanship involved in cheese making, Nomada celebrates every ingredient involved; down to good stewardship of the livestock involved and the land it grazes. They’ve cultivated a noble cheese selection with meaningful origins, and are honored to educate customers about these incredible products, and their value.

Nomada is passionate about cheese and is eager to share it with the community in a way that is approachable and unpretentious, so it’s sourcing exclusive imported cheeses and domestic cheeses . This epicurean Phoenix cheese shop is bringing, world-class artisan cheese and charcuterie boards that are attainable, customizable and cost-effective. All cheeses and meats are sourced from expert artisans, committed to using quality, responsibly sourced ingredients.

Weekly rotating custom charcuterie and artisan cheese plates are available in Nomada’s coolers for anyone looking for a luxurious cheese experience that isn’t fussy. All products are offered a la carte and can be purchased by the ounce. Whether you are a connoisseur looking for a particular artisan French cheese, or just wanting a mini charcuterie board for a gourmet cheese snack, you won’t be disappointed in Nomada’s selection. All cheeses are purveyed to pair with our wine, craft beer, bubbles, provisions and food offerings.

Nomada brings the spectacular ingredients, and you bring the creativity!

Nomada Cheese and Charcuterie