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Nomada Coffee Shop Cappuccino

coffee corner

We believe coffee is, like wine, one of those mystical and magical beverages, that can transport us to faraway destinations with a small sip. 

As part of the nomada experience, we will also delight patrons with a cozy coffee corner, where they will be able to enjoy a hand-picked selection of arabica and Robusta beans from passionate farmers. 


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wine +
wine club

It is hard to think about a fully gourmet experience without thinking about wine. Allow us to introduce you to less known varietals and obscure independent labels that are not available in retail outlets. Favoring small producers with unique expressions of grapes, that compliment food, we advocate for the idea that exceptional wine doesn’t have to carry a heavy price tag. 



ready made

nomada’s selection of items includes ready-made, packaged goods, heat and serve options and retail products geared to the gourmet connoisseur. Welcome to a universe of qualitative food ingredients from around the world, carefully curated and sourced. Special order platters and catering options available. Please contact us directly




& pantry

To be able to create an epicurean store, where the main goal, is to provide access to exceptional quality provisions under one roof. We aim to push the consumers ‘imagination, with unique labels of items such as cheeses, charcuterie, oils & vinegar, spices & condiments, teas, baking products, and other pantry items.